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Mercury Metal (Hg)
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We supply purified mercury metal
The company for treatment and disposal of mercury-containing wastes. Manufacturer and supplier of metallic mercury
Liquid Mercury Metal grades P0, P1, P2. Compliance with international standards. Availability of necessary quality certificates and licenses.
Scope of supply
The minimum delivery consignment in flasks of 34.5 kg. We provide guarantees and service to our custom.
Our prices are fixed for some standards. You can find out the cost by writing us a letter or calling the office.

Liquid Mercury Metal for sale

GOST 4658-73
Quantity of base material and non-volatile residue

Our activities are protected by all necessary permits

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Our business scale
KS Group LLC is the largest company in the field of collection, treatment and disposal of mercury-containing wastes in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Our company has best practices of work at large industrial cites where we provided mercury pollution clean-up. One of the company's business activities is production of equipment for disposal mercury-containing wastes under the trademark FID-D.
KS Group LLC is a member of the Association of enterprises working with mercury-containing and other hazardous wastes.

We cooperate with leading Russian and foreign companies
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Business proposal:
KS Group LLC is glad to invite Russian and foreign companies to cooperate in the field of treatment of mercury-containing wastes.